The presence of radon and its corresponding exposure potential present environmental concerns particularly in lower level occupied areas of buildings. Radon sampling is performed in buildings to identify the presence of radon. Riverfront can design and implement appropriate radon mitigation measures in order to reduce radon levels. Riverfront is experienced in performing appropriate radon investigations related to property transactions and other types of projects.

Riverfront helps business owners and property managers reduce liability related to potential mold problems. We have helped developed operations and maintenance plans for our clients which

  • Help our clients’ staff prevent conditions conducive
    to mold growth, and
  • Help our clients’ staff know how to address mold
  • problems when they are encountered.



Riverfront has also developed training programs specific to our clients’ needs to educate property management personnel on how to handle mold problems, thereby reducing liability. We work exclusively with business owners, property managers and insurance companies to address legitimate mold problems and defend against litigation associated with mold.

The presence of mold and corresponding exposure potential has increasingly been identified as a significant environmental liability. Offices and residences contaminated with moldy surfaces have been linked to symptoms such as fatigue, respiratory ailments, and eye irritation. Building materials supporting toxic fungal growth should be remediated to ensure a healthy environment. This should be done in conjunction with repair of the defects that led to water accumulation.
We work with a network of microbiologists, lawyers, and forensic engineers that specialize in dealing with toxic mold problems.
Riverfront provides the following mold services:

  • Mold Inspections / Evaluation
  • Development of Operations and Maintenance programs
  • Development of training programs tailored to the
    client’s specific needs
  • Remediation design and third-party oversight
  • Air sampling