Subsurface contamination can present difficult and expensive problems for property owners. Riverfront’s geologists, scientists and engineers have extensive experience in characterizing and addressing groundwater and soil impacted by various types of contaminants, including petroleum, chlorinated solvents, radioactive wastes, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and others.
Riverfront professionals are experienced in performing the following types of activities related to soil and groundwater characterization and remediation:

  • Preparation and completion of sampling programs,
  • Interpretation of subsurface data including chemical
    and geotechnical,
  • Development of feasibility studies,
  • Evaluation and implementation of remedial technologies.

Subsurface investigations and remediation can be associated with a wide variety of different types of sites including RCRA and CERCLA sites, Underground Storage Tank sites, Browfields Redevelopment sites, and even unregulated sites. Data collected from Subsurface Investigations is often used to support Risk-Based Corrective Action.