Environmental regulators used to ask: “How much contamination can we remove?” Now savvy environmental professionals are asking: “How much can we safely leave in place?”

Risk-Based Corrective Action is a valuable tool used to:

  • Evaluate the environmental condition and expected
    use of a property,
  • Identify environmental hazards and pathways of
    exposure to those hazards,
  • Manage environmental risk through the use of
    innovative and economically beneficial methods

This results in the redevelopment of environmentally distressed properties more quickly and less expensively.


Risk-Based Corrective Action can be implemented at any type of environmentally impacted property, but has been becoming increasingly important at Underground Storage Tank sites.

The process is also important at Brownfields Redevelopment sites, as well as RCRA and CERCLA sites. We pride ourselves in educating our clients on how to effectively and safely manage environmentally distressed properties as an alternative to high-cost corrective action. Riverfront professionals have performed Risk-Based Corrective Action at various sites, and the process has saved clients thousands of dollars.